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Locate plastic water lines

Locating water lines without tracer wire is almost impossible. Your best solutions are Ground Penetrating Radar that start over $16,000 or using an acoustical method.

Acoustical locating involves using sound traveling on or inside the pipe. The sound is applied by a transonde at a hydrant or spigot. It can then be followed using an ultra-sensitive microphone tuned into the frequency range produced by the transonde. This has been proven to be the most accurate and economical method at just over $6000.

However, there are limitations to using acoustic. Since you are dealing with sound it’s very difficult in noisy environments. It also doesn’t like to turn corners. Lastly, the sound is harder to pick up at greater depths.

In this video the process is easily demonstrated. Give us a call if you have questions and thanks for viewing.

Visit the product on our webpage.

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