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YouTube has a collection of all our training videos to help guide you along on your journey to locate master.  I'm not the prettiest face on camera but my price was right.


       Subsurface Solutions demonstrates the new RD7200 & RD8200 utility locator by Radiodetection. 

  • RD8100 demo

    Subsurface Solutions demonstrates the new RD8100 utility locator by Radiodetection. The RD8100 consists of new tools that will enhance the performance of any locator. GPS mapping and logging of t... 

  • RD8100 Presentation

    Radiodetection Utility Locator Model 8100 series with GPS mapping, user logging, Peak+, iLoc remote, rechargeable batteries and more 

  • RD7100 Quick Tutorial
    Radiodetection Utility Locator Model 7100 series locator quick tutorial on how to locate


  • RD7000 / 8000 A-Frame Fault Locating
    Instructions on how to use the A-frame to find ground faults


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