Plastic Water Pipe Locator

Plastic Water Pipe Locator

SKU: TS2954DXmic

Locate plastic water lines. The Radiodetection Electronic transonde coupled with the FCS DXMic uses acoustic to locate distances over 500ft and can also be used to locate leaks.

Locate underground plastic water pipes easily by using sound.  This electronic transonde is used to vibrate the water as it passes through it sending a minute sound wave back along the pipe. This sound wave is then detected using the DXMic receiver giving a location of the water pipe.


The DXmic also doubles as a top leak detector.  It has the latest generation ground microphone and features from FCS. 

  • Auto filtering
  • Frequency display
  • Audio recordings in the DXmic Pro version
  • The DXmic App* provides for download and transfer of site details and recordings (Pro)
  • GPS location (Pro version using the DXMic app)

The device is supplied in a robust carry case which can also be used as a charging station for the system

Key Features and Benefit

  • Excellent audio: Best in class sound quality
  • Durable: Robust housing with carry strap fixings
  • Colour touch screen: Clear multifunctional graphics and ease of use
  • Wireless capability: For headphones or transfer of audio/configuration data to PC (Wireless or standard headphone options )
  • Frequency display: For each analysis and filter setting
  • Flexible: Auto and manual filters Clear upgrade path: Compatible with Xmic foot and handprobe sensor
  • Clear upgrade path: Compatible with Xmic foot and handprobe sensor
  • USB capability: For data transfer and firmware updates
  • Long battery life: Li-ion cells with up to 15-25 hrs Battery life
  • User friendly: Safety Noise Level cut off and leak noise isolation filters
  • Improved automatic filtering: Supported by frequency analysis display (Pro)
  • App version*: For download of results and remote transfer (Pro)
  • Minimum level noise recording and display: For effective pinpointing

DXmic App* (Pro version)

  • Android or IOS version
  • Uses GPS to give location
  • Upload photos from site and add site notes
  • DXmic downloads its own reference to add to operator reference
  • DXmic Pro downloads sound files to the App
  • Everything can be emailed to the office from site, saving travel and providing immediate detailed, remote reports
  • After download benefit from transfer and printing facilities for reports


Frequency range 0 to 5000Hz
Battery life Minimum 25 hours (with battery saving) 15 hours (constant)
Battery charge Maximum 8 hours
Charger Universal 110-240V AC mains charger with 12V DC output (Optional in car adapter) all items can be charged in case .USB socket for lead phone charging