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Flame Ionization vs. Laser Based Leak Detection


The Flame Pack 400 is Southern Cross' industry standard leak detection technology since 1974. The Flame Pack 400 is a sensitive, economical, proven flame ionization leak survey instrument. The instrument can both be used for walking surveys with applications both for vehicle and ATV mobile surveys. The instr

Instrument leak indications consist of an audible alarm, visual meter display and light indicator, and new models also have a vibration application that can be easily installed. The Flame Pack is an excellent surveying tool that meets all industry standard requirements for use over mains, services, meter sets, and company facilities.

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46' HAWK

The 46' Hawk is Southern Cross' constant strive to keep up with the industries ever changing leak detection technologies. We would like to introduce the newly re-designed, dependable, innovative 46 Hawk 3.0. The Hawk is a laser based leak detection technology built to ISO 9002 Standards. It is a lightweight (3 pounds), Single button operation unit that brings the newest technology to the surveyors hand.

Advantages to the unit it is intrinsically safe (Cert Pending), methane specific instrument eliminating false positives and phantom leaks in the field. The power source is a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours of continuous use. With the option to use a few simple AA lithium batteries that can provide up to 8 hours of backup usage. The biggest plus for this instrument is that it has the sensitivity for an excellent walking survey tools for all of a company’s compliance surveys. It can also be used as a CGI (Combustible Gas Indicator) for pin-pointing underground leaks. With a range of 0 PPM to 100% Gas.

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