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RD8200SG Locator Kit

RD8200SG Locator Kit


Map your underground utilities with the most accurate survey grade locator. The RD8200SG has a on-board RTK corrected GNSS for mapping within inches and data logging.



Precision Reciver with Built-in RTK GNSS

Reliable maps play a crucial role in enhancing operational efficiency, preventive maintenance, and emergency repairs of utilities. Locate and map buried utilities in a single operation. Combine buried utility locating with accurate mapping in a single operation .

  • Integrated GNSS antenna with Survey grade accuracy (< 1 inch), fewer parts and components 
  • View and build your map on your mobile phone using Subsurface Maps or other Supported Mapping Apps
  • Industry standard file formats to use with your mapping software. SHP, KML, CSV and more
  • Choose your correction service provider. Free or paid local VRS networks
  • Directly export the data from the locator
  • Walk the line once, Locate as accurately as possible, map as accurately as possible
  •  Build a comprehensive inventory of large, buried infrastructure networks
  • Minimal additional training for utility operators
  • No separate resources required for utility mapping
  • Automatic antenna offset avoids tilting back
  • Bubble for optimum precision
  • Multipath rejection for optimal RTK Fix
  • Lightweight and ergonomic (5.25 lbs)(5.75 lbs with RAM Mount phone holder)
  • Rugged design to cope with real world conditions such as rain, dirt and extreme temperatures
  • Designed and built in the United Kingdom

5 Diamond Cut Precision Antenna's

A unique arrangement of 5 diamond cut precision antennas with ground shields deliver superior locate accuracy.  
Radiodetection patented software and Dynamic Overload Protection deliver clear locates in electric substations or under power lines. The industries most powerful antenna's locate over 50 feet deep all while giving the user an easy user interface with the new PEAK+ mode and directional compass, speed plus accuracy
  • 5 Earth Grounded Antennas
  • Directional Compass
  • 6 Antenna Configurations with new Guidance Mode and Peak+
  • Directional Compass
  • Auto Depth and Current Measurement


Usage Logging

Each unit also automatically logs each locate for over 500 days, providing a comprehensive picture of individual locates and allowing you to assess usage patterns.  Usage logs give proof of locate responses, training aids, or in-house quality and safety audits.
  • Store up to 1000 GPS map point with locate data (depth, current, frequency, etc)
  • Usage-logging of over 500 days of locates
  • Export to Google Earth, Excel or other GIS platforms
  • Tag your KML file to each 1-Call ticket


Bluetooth over 1400 feet
Each 8200SG series receiver includes an advanced Bluetooth link to your transmitter from up to 1400 feet (TX10B transmitter only).  Switch power levels and frequencies from the receiver and spend less time walking and more time locating.  The Sidestep feature enables an operator to move the transmitter frequency slightly when multiple operators are locating.

Bluetooth Transfer Data

Save 1000 GPS locations and export using Bluetooth or USB. 
  • iLoc Remote control over your transmitter up to 1400+ feet (TX10B only)
  • Send locate data to a laptop using RD Manager Online Software


Remote Calibration and Customization
Using RD Manager software you can remotely certify your unit is calibrated, customize frequencies and options, review locate logs, download GPS data, and download software updates.  Choose to automatically schedule calbration and provide the user with a warning when his receiver is within 30 days from the selected service date.  All calbration certificates are stored within the locator and can be printed anytime.  
  • Over 30 frequencies with custom frequency select up to 5 more
  • Self Calibration Checks
  • Free software updates
  • 50 software and hardware patents
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Ergonomically Sexy!!! 


Li-Ion Battery Pack
Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery options for both the receiver and transmitter provide extended 35+ hours runtime and reduced running costs.  The locator allows the original alkaline pack to be used for another 13+ hours. The RD8200SG receiver comes standard with a LiIon battery and AC charger. The LiIon is optional on the transmitter.  
  • 10 Watts or 5 Watts of Power with 90 Volts!
  • 35+ Hours Run-time
  • Recharge on the fly using AC or your Auto DC outlet



The RD8200SG can be ordered with a 5 Watt or 10 Watt transmitter.  Only the 10 Watt transmitter comes with additional Current Direction frequencies but both units come with Fault Find mode. A large, high contrast, backlit LCD screen provides the user with clear information. The interface is intuitive and responsive, allowing the operator to access any feature with ease.  Each transmitter is capable of 90 Volts, which helps on really high impedience locates. The transmitters use 8 D-cell batteries and can be powered from the optional LiIon recharge kit or external AC plug. 

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