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Sonde FD-10 (10ft depth,0.75"W)

Sonde FD-10 (10ft depth,0.75"W)

SKU: FD-10

Standard Sonde for locating out empty duct
Measures: 0.75" x 2.75"
Frequency: 512kHz
Depth Range: 10ft in Cast-Iron, 15ft non-metalic
Battery type: 1 N cell alkaline battery
Connect to a Flexrod using a Spring Carrier

This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde. It can be connected to a Flexrod for locating pipes and ducting using a Spring Carrier. It transmits on 512Hz.  It can be normally located to a maximum depth of 10 feet.

With its new more durable and compact design the FD-10 is perfect for locating in lines as small as 2 inches. The FD-10 transmits using the industry standard 512 Hz frequency for locating in cast iron and nonmetallic lines.

  • Stainless Steel head for durability
  • Encased in a strong polycarbonate tube
  • Watertight
  • Brass battery cap and 2 N cell batteries included
  • Dropcap available for use with 1/4″ pushrods (sold separately, select in drop down)
  • Our Spring Carriers are recommended to help protect your transmitter


The Dropcap option is specifically designed to work with our FD-10 Mini-Transmitter. It acts as the battery cap that will directly screw onto the male end of your 1/4” push rod. The Female threaded end swivels to allow you to push through the tightest of corners.

  • Designed to allow for flexibility around corners
  • For use with the FD-10
  • Quatro seal to make it water tight
  • Female threaded end for use with 1/4” push rod
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