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Sonde 512Hz (20ft range)

Sonde 512Hz (20ft range)


Frequency: 512Hz
Dimensions: 1” W x 4” L with battery cap
Line size: 2” and up
Range: 16 feet in cast iron | 20 feet in nonmetallic
Signal tone: Continuous
Battery: One AAA alkaline

This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde. It can be connected to a Flexrod for locating pipes and ducting using a Spring Carrier. It transmits on 512Hz.  It can be normally located to a maximum depth of 20 feet.

The mid-range sonde is the most popular transmitter in our 512Hz line for locating in nonmetallic lines. With its durable design this sonde is ready to transmit even in the toughest terrain.

  • Encased in a strong carbon-fiber/poly tube.
  • Watertight
  • Brass battery cap and 1 AAA alkaline battery included
  • Will work with any receiver that uses the 33kHz frequency. For best results use one our RD7100DL receiver or 8100 series receiver
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