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Cues C550 Crawler Camera System

Cues C550 Crawler Camera System


CUES C550 flexitrax combines a portable and modular crawler system with big-pipe inspection capabilities

The C550 flexitrax system offers features the simplicity and ease of transport of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with more complex and expensive crawler systems.

Crawler system operators often face a choice between limited but portable systems, or complex and bulky systems for bigger pipes. Pearpoint’s C550 system, featuring intuitive joystick controls and a remote controlled powered elevator option, delivers a durable, modular system that is capable of centered inspection in large pipes, but is also highly portable for easy transport.

Modular and flexible

The P550 is a truly modular system, designed to meet the tough requirements of inspection environments. Tailor the system to meet your requirements.

Choose between a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum, each with up to 1000’/305m of cable.  Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions.  A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the downhole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed.


Survey a broad range of pipe sizes

The C550’s crawlers and accessories deliver survey compliant centering in pipe ranges from 4”/100mm and up to 36”/ 900mm


Easy to transport and use

The modularity of the C550 flexitrax system enables a range of transport options. The system can be van or truck mounted, yet is easily dismounted to be wheeled on-site using the ergonomic barrow design, allowing you to reach access points beyond the range of your vehicle. Once on site, the system is quick and easy to set-up and deploy.

The rugged command module can be mounted directly on the drum or pushrod reel, or fitted where convenient at a distance of up to 150’/50m from the drum or fitted where convenient.


Comprehensive on-site reporting

The C550 command module offers a customizable builtin reporting system, capable of creating and exporting detailed MSCC5 compliant drain or inspection chamber survey reports. The integrated sensitive inclinometer and the multi-frequency sonde allow users to map pipeline topography easily and efficiently.

Use the HTML report creator or XML output capabilities of the command module to document all your work, on site with no need to use a PC or laptop on site.

Use the FlexiSight™ Manager PC software to import and manage all your surveys’ digital data on a PC or laptop. Data can be retrieved easily using USB sticks, or by plugging the controller directly into a spare USB port.

Review and edit your work and create customizable MS Word or PDF reports of your surveys, including pipe graphs. Use the optional inclination module to produce inclination measurements of the drain surveyed.


Package Usage
C550-BASIC-C554-PKG Pipe Diameter 6" - 8"
C550-STD-C554-PKG Pipe Diameter 6" - 18"  
C550-BASIC-C556-PKG   Pipe Diameter 8” - 18"
C550-STD-C556-PKG-EE Pipe Diameter 8” - 36"
C550-DLX-C556-D-PKG-EE Pipe Diameter 8” - 36"



  • Pearpoint C550® Controller, Powered Drum with 1000' of cable
  • C550 Crawler Assy
  • digital 8" LCD monitor & case
  • Pan & Tilt Camera
  • Small Wheel set
  • Medium Wheel Set
  • 3" Wheel Set
  • Down Hole set (Top/Bottom roller, rope, poles)
  • Downhole Hook & Strap
  • 5M Link Cable
  • Accessories pack and bag
  • Tow Eye
  • keyboard
  • mains adaptor
  • AC power supply
  • 2GB Compact Flash Card
  • FlexiSightTM video editing software
  • USB cable
  • 512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz sonde
  • 1 year warranty


  • All the Basic 554 Kit plus:
  • Pendant Controller - Easy hand held controller
  • Small Elevator - for centering in up to 15" lines
  • 4” PVC Wheel set


  • All the Basic C554 pkg features plus:
  • Small Elevator
  • Steering Capability, 556 steerabke crawler (replaces the straight C554 Crawler Assy)


  • All the Basic C556 features plus:
  • Pan/Tilt & Zoom Camera (in place of Pan/Tilt camera)
  • Command Module with Joysticks
  • Large Elevator Power Elevator
  • Medium Wheel set x2
  • Dual Large Wheel set
  • Lighthead
  • 8” – 36” Multiple Pipe Options
  • Pendant Controller


  • All the STD C556 features plus:
  • Pan/Tilt Zoom Camera & Pan/Tilt Camera
  • Dual set of Large Wheels
  • 8W Light Head
  • High Resolution Camera


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