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PCMx Pipeline Current Mapper

PCMx Pipeline Current Mapper


Quick & Easy External Corrosion Detection with easy review of readings and share using the free PCM Manager & App for Android phones



The Pipeline Current Mapper makes it possible to identify sources of external corrosion.  It has become the choice for many for quickly identifying problem areas without the limitations of close interval survey. Utilizing magnetic fields the PCM can be used over roadways, water, frozen ground and many other difficult areas. It has been designed to meet these challenges with faster measurements and great portability.


One Second Mapping Measurements Each measurement only take one second reducing survey time and store up to 10,000 readings
Integrated GPS Each measurement is saved with positional location data, depth, current, ACVG readings, and more.  The internal GPS is 3 Meters accurate but capable of external engineering grade GPS support
Functionality The PCMx receiver is also a fully functional RD8100 PDLG when the foot is removed
Two Surveys In One Conduct moth AC Current Attenuation (ACCA) and AC Voltage Gradient (ACVG) survey’s at the same time, reducing survey time
Peak+ Technology with Dynamic Filtering Ensures you’re over the target line and filtering out unwanted signals
Android App RD’s new mobile Android app charts results for instant analysis, maps readings for view in real-time on a map, shares results by cloud services or email, and allows users to walk back to problem areas and add notes to readings
Connectivity USB and Bluetooth options for fast downloading and additional external GPS integration
PCM Manager PC software for in depth survey analysis, mapping, calibration certification, and software updates
Improved Receiver Ergonomics Lighter (4.8lb), Smaller (1.5 inches shorter), Li-Ion battery prolongs working time in the field
Smaller Transmitter lighter 25 Watt version transmitter allows for 1 Amp of 6 different frequency selections to be applied including 8kHz for depth-of-cover and more difficult locates
Tx-25 Watt or Tx-100 Watt Transmitters  Get max distance using 150 Watts at 3 Amps or go with the more portable light weight 25 Watt unit at 1 Amp, which also has LiIon batteries.  Perfect for distribution system.


The PCM makes short locating and external corrosion assessment a single man operation.  It is ideal for short or long surveys with a distance capable of 15+ miles.  The PCM uses its powerful 150 Watt transmitter to impress multiple frequencies onto the pipe.  These frequencies can be detected above ground by the receiver to determine the direction of the fault (ACCA), the direction of the current flow, and the voltage gradient (ACVG). During the survey the user can store 10,000 readings for review. 


Precision locator and current mapper in one

  • Simple data integrity for ASA,ACD,AGC,Depth-of-Cover
  • No need to interrupt rectifiers
  • Can be used on distribution and transmission gas lines
  • Real-time mapping and data review in the field
  • NACE approved, integrates with standard GIS and 3rd party software




The hand held receiver unit is used to locate the pipeline, even in heavily congested areas such as conduits, and then provides the operator with a measurement of depth current strength and signal direction applied by the transmitter to quickly pinpoint corrosion related problems.


The receiver makes the required calculations and instantaneously displays the results. This provides the operator with an improved method that accurately troubleshoots the CP system by pinpointing metallic contacts and locating areas of coating defects.


PCMx features real time mapping analysis using Android phones and tablets or using RD Manager software. To provide faster analysis of mapped information, the PCM-connects wirelessly, uploading all the information immediately and linking it with GPS point.  The database is updated after each mapping and can be seen immediately.


Each receiver is also a fully functioning PDLG style locator when the Current Measurement Boot is detached. Each unit can be paired with a TX5 or TX10 watt locating transmitter so it can be used as both a locator and current mapping tool.   




The PCMx 150 high-powered 150 Watt (3A) transmitter allows for long range signal detection over 15 miles. Significantly fewer pipeline connection points are needed thereby reducing the time required to evaluate a section of pipeline.


The transmitter has three operating modes that enable both distribution and transmission pipeline systems to be effectively mapped.

The PCMx 25 medium-powered 25 Watt (1A) transmitter) transmitter allows for long range signal detection over 5 miles. It includes a LiIon rechargeable battery and external AC power.  Great for distribution networks and tight spots.  The 25 Watt version also has an additional 8kHz frequency for locating.


Connecting the PCM is straightforward, and the transmitter's current reading DISPLAY and power indicating LED's help the operator to choose the best settings for the specific pipeline application.




The accessory A-Frame is used with the PCMx receiver to precisely pinpoint coating defects and isolation faults. The PCMx receiver display indicates direction to the fault, using the CD arrows, and this makes fault position easy to locate. The PCM also displays the dB microvolts reading across the A-Frame spikes, and this allows a comparison to be made between different faults to determine the most severe. This numeric value is stored in the PCM's datalogging facility, and uploaded via Bluetooth to an Android phone or tablet.


KIT INCLUDES: PCMx Reciever with boot, PCMx Transmitter with cables, A-Frame, Soft Carry Bag


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