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GPS Utility Mapping Solution

GPS Utility Mapping Solution

SKU: Geode

Map your utility lines with sub-foot GPS precision and share them as a Google Earth file. Kit includes Geode GPS unit and accessories. Subsurface Maps App and RD8100/8200 purchased separately.


This mapping system includes:

  • Geode GNS3 by Juniper System
  • Subsurface Maps Offline Android App
  • Optional Samsung Ruggedized Android Tablet 
The Geode GPS Kit GNSS system give you a simple and affordable kit with an all day battery life.  It can Bluetooth sub-foot accurate readings to your Android device running the Subsurface Maps Offline App.  The Geode's advanced technology maintains sub-foot accuracy 95% of the time, even in the toughest conditions. This unit maintains it's accuracy in real-time without the need to post process or buy additional software.

Subsurface Maps Offline

Pair up your Geode GPS and your RD8100 locator to the Subsurface Maps Offline App. This Android application gathers the GPS and locator information to create maps that are synced onto a cloud where they can be viewed on an online map by multuple users.  PointMan is the ultimate damage prevention partner by allowing you to share the map with your co-workers or contactors from your device.  Use your current Android phone or any Android tablet. 


Subsurface Maps Offline App Download 


Subsurface Maps Online Web Mapping Service 



The RD8200 is the most accurate utility locator with a Bluetooth connection to send it's findings to an external program; such as PointMan. 


People love the ability to save the depth and location of the utility lines, however the internal GPS antenna within the PDLG model is 1-3 meter accurate. Pairing this locator with the PointMan and the Geode GPS creates a simple, accurate mapping kit.  Best of all, the PointMan application can be controlled by the Radiodetection PDL or PDLG receiver using the SurveyCert button.  Save a pinpoint location, depth, current measurement and othe information without ever touching the tablet screen.


Any RD8000, RD8100 or RD8200 model receiver will work with Subsurface Maps Offline. You can click here to view and customize a RD8100 locator kit. 

Subsurface Maps Offline can run on any Android phone or tablet.  Subsurface Solutions offers the Samsung Tab A 8" Tablet with protective bumper case.  It has the outdoor visibility you need on a large 8-inch display, and a battery with all day juice.  It's updated with the newest versions of Android and is designed for all-terrain data collection.


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