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Flame Pack Gas Leak Detector

Flame Pack Gas Leak Detector

SKU: SCC100400
Flame Pack is the industry standard for finding natural gas leaks.  Sensitive flame ionization technology detects as small as 1ppm of hydrocarbons in air.  This unit is also very light wright and quick.

The Flame Pack 400 is Southern Cross' industry standard leak detection technology since 1974. The Flame Pack 400 is a sensitive, economical, proven flame ionization leak survey instrument. The instrument can both be used for walking surveys with applications both for vehicle and ATV mobile surveys. The instrument can provide up to 8 hours of continuous operation with easy in the field re-fueling capabilities. Additional fuel cylinders are available for the Flame Pack 400 at a small additional cost. Instrument leak indications consist of an audible alarm, visual meter display and light indicator, and new models also have a vibration application that can be easily installed. The Flame Pack is an excellent surveying tool that meets all industry standard requirements for use over mains, services, meter sets, and company facilities. 


The Model 400 Flame Pack is a hydrocarbon gas detector, which employs hydrogen flame ionization as the detection method. The Model 400 is designed to be hand carried as a single unit. It eliminates shoulder straps, harnesses, interconnecting tubes, cords and the like. It is lightweight and small in size. Its moving parts and controls are kept to a minimum, which reduces downtime for repair. It can be taken anywhere a person can walk, crawl, or climb.

In the search range, (50 ppm @ full scale), it is capable of detecting as low as one part per million (ppm) of hydrocarbons in air. A centering range, (5000 ppm @ full scale), is provided to assist in centering leaks. The meter indicates the presence of hydrocarbons. An alarm sounds at a preset point on the search range.

The Model 400 Flame Pack utilizes disposable 9-volt alkaline batteries, available almost anywhere, and a 40% Hydrogen/60%Nitrogen fuel mixture. The Model 400 Flame Pack is adaptable for mobile applications utilizing auxiliary sampling systems.

Flame Pack Model 400 Complete with ruggedized carry case, Flame Pack with extendable wand stiffener, hand strap, operations and service manual, instructional DVD, hydrogen fuel tank refill assembly with pressure gage and bleeder valve, refill assembly wrench, 1 installed and 4 replacement reusable (bronze) filters, cone filter removal tool, 9-volt batteries and calibration certificate

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