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FCS Lmic Water Leak Detector

FCS Lmic Water Leak Detector


The Lmic is a simple to use ground mic with a probe and crisp sound amplification. Audio is sampled with the press of a trigger. With the Upgrade to the deluxe kit, a magnetic sensor, an ultra sensative elephant foot, and hard case are added to make for a powerful acoustic leak detection device.

Lmic Ground Microphone

The Lmic is a combined electronic listening stick and ground microphone. Easy to use and low cost, it is ideal for general leak sounding operations and can be fitted with either a tripod foot (for use as a ground microphone) or probe rods (for sounding at fittings or in soft ground). The control unit is hand-held with ‘trigger’ operation and a volume/ sensitivity rotary control. An LED indicates operation and battery status. This lightweight unit can be used to confirm the position of underground leaks audibly from ground level, sound pipe fittings penetrate soft ground to listen for leaks and carry out traditional acoustic surveys.


Lmic hand held unit/sensor housing Piezoelectric high sensitivity sensor mounted in PC-ABS (polycarbonate) housing, Single headphone/charger input socket with automatic sensing of device connected
Connectors Amphenol military specification connectors for microphone and headphone/charger connections
Charging Universal 110-240V AC charger with 12V DC output. Car cigarette lighter adapter with 12V DC output (optional accessory) 4-pin Amphenol connectors to control unit Charge time: Overnight charge
Microphone Housing High sensitivity piezo-electric sensor mounted in rubber housing with integral strain relief. Low noise 2.5ft cable (detachable) 4-pin Amphenol connection to control unit. Weight: 1lb.
Foot Attachment

Cast metal tripod for ground contact Hand Probe Attachment 2 aluminium extension rods (each 1.5ft long). Weight: 0.5lbs

Elephant Foot and Magnet with Delux Kit Upgrade

Headphones Lightweight high quality headphones Impedance: 16 Ohms 4-pin Amphenol connector to control unit
LED Green = normal operation Red = low battery power


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