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SKU: Clampmitter

Quick & Easy Inductive Clamp for locating with LiIon rechargeable battery


The Clampmitter is a unique tool for inductive coupling.  This self-contained inductive transmitter increases productivity, promotes safety and simplifies locates by condensing the tranmsitter and inductive coupler into one cordless package.  Whether climbing down a manhole or accessing a utility box, the Clampmitter is an easy alternative to suiting up with a full transmitter and wired coupler.

  • Eliminates the risks of hauling heavy transmitter boxes down aging manhole ladders

  • Removes the hazards of tripping/falling over long cords

  • It's a backup transmitter when your regular transmitter battery goes down

  • Complete more than one locate at once

  • Easily lock the unit inside manholes and switchgears eliminating theft or a user standing watch

  • Recharge using a standard USB. 14hrs run time

  • 3 Frequencies

  • D Ring, 1/4" threaded insert for fitting of hotstick and lanyard

Select Frequencies:  (33kHz, 65kHz, 82kHz), (33kHz, 65kHz, 83kHz),(33kHz, 65kHz, 131kHz)

Select Size:  4.1 inches or 6.3 inches inside diameter


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