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CAT4+ & Genny Locator Kit

CAT4+ & Genny Locator Kit

Quick, Easy & Durable - The CAT4 Locator Kit



The new generation of Cable Avoidance Tools, C.A.T4™ and Genny4™ by Radiodetection enable operators to find more buried utilities, faster.  This is a simple operation and now comes with optional GPS logging. 

This 30 year favorite locator package easily identifies pipes & cables with and without the Genny transmitter.  CAT units are known for their ability to detect even the smallest signal.  Their unique 'Real' sound helps determine the type of utility.  The new Avoidance Mode™ lets the operator check an intended excavation area for all the signals in one sweep (Power, Radio and Genny4 signals). The bargraph ‘tidemark’ enables the user to quickly spot and zero-in on a buried conductor.



  • Highly contrast display with auto-backlight
  • 4 modes - Genny, Power, Radio and Avoidance mode
  • Digital depth when using a Genny
  • Real sound - signals can be easily distinguished from each other and from background noise
  • 1 Watt of power
  • Dual frequency
  • Transmitter storage tray
  • USB 2.0 for eCERT certification and software updates
  • Cables, ground rod and instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty



  • CAT4 bargraph 'tidemark' showing the highest signal strength for a quick locate
  • Genny4 dual-frequency signal output
  • Signal Boost feature, enabling operators to locate deeper and a greater distance
  • eCert™ technology validates calibration using the internet



  • GPS DATA LOGGING - The gC.A.T4 series receiver incorporates an internal Global Navigation Satellite System receiver capable of acquiring multiple satellite systems to provide positional data which are logged every second into the locator’s internal memory. This allows accurate records to be kept and analysed, showing not only how an operator was working, but also where a C.A.T was being used. Over a year's worth of data is stored and can be retrieved for identifying training requirements.  Information logged include:
    • Latitude & Longitude GPS coordinates
    • Mode of use
    • Date & Time
    • Angle of Use
    • Bargraph readout
    • Depth Measuements
    • Last/Next calibration date
    • Genny/Power/Radio signal strengths
    • Swing warning status
    • Audio status
    • Sensitivity control setting
    • Battery status
    • Dynamic Overload Protection status
  • SERVICE DUE INDICATOR - gC.A.T4 units provide a custom 'Service Due' countdown warning on start-up. Unit is deactivate on expiry of the defined calibration interval.
  • SWING™ WARNING - To further reduce utility strike risks, gC.A.T4 units are equipped 
    with sensors to detect incorrect swinging and warn the operator with an alert.



C.A.T4 locators are supported with the dedicated C.A.T Manager program. This Windows® PC application allows 
plant, fleet and site managers to quickly download usage data, perform an eCert test, upgrade C.A.T4 software 
or send a service request. To match working preferences, C.A.T Manager can deactivate or reactivate C.A.T4 features such as depth estimation and warnings. User-editable fields enable plant / fleet codes and other details to be stored on the unit, simplifying records and traceability.


KIT INCLUDES - CAT4+ or gCAT4+ receiver, Genny4+ trasnmitter, Cables, Ground Rod, Soft Carry Bag and Instructions

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