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Lexxi 1660 TDR Cable Fault Locator

Lexxi 1660 TDR Cable Fault Locator

SKU: T1660

The Lexxi is the world's most compact, easy to use cable fault locator that gives you a distance to the cable fault within 1% accuracy and a large color display.  It can be used on all cable with at least two conductors; coaxial, twisted copper telephone, and electrical cables.

Radiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 provides an unrivalled combination of performance, usability and economy. Radiodetection has created Lexxi T1660 by taking the easy-to-hold ergonomics familiar to users of the Riser Bond Model 1550 and Bicotest Lexxi T810 and installing a unique TDR engine and a 3.5” color back-lit display.


  • Large, color display
  • 1% Fault Location Accuracy
  • 19,000 feet max range
  • Category IV mains blocking filter 
  • 2 Year Warranty


The result is a cable tester whose 1% distance accuracy and resolution gives technicians the tool they need to find faults quickly and accurately. Added to this is the Lexxi T1660’s great value that allows more technicians to be equipped.


The Lexxi T1660 is suitable for analysing all metallic cables consisting of at least two metallic elements, one of which can be the armouring or the screen. Cable types include CATV, twisted pair telecom, Ethernet and even LV power cables. The Lexxi T1660 is shipped with a set of 100Ω crocodile clip Twisted Pair connection cables as standard. A range of optional plug-in modules make it adaptable to the requirements of a wide variety of industries and applications, with the Blocking Filter module allowing safe analysis of live 3-phase mains cables. Radiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 offers innovation and economy, enabling a step-change in productivity.

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