Stray Current Mapper

Stray Current Mapper

The Smart Interrupter (SI) enables the interruption of CP current, an essential part of coating evaluation
Kit includes: Vector Bar, Battery, Smart Card, Charger, Connection Leads, Low Voltage Leads, High Voltage Leads, Carry Box, and Software

The Stray Current Mapper (SCM) is a safe and cost-effective way of mapping the magnitude and direction of stray current interference on a pipeline. These are usually caused by third party cathodic protection systems (static interference currents) or DC electrified rail systems (dynamic interference currents).


  • Locate discharge points
  • Locate pick-up points
  • Requires no connection to the pipe
  • SmartProbe for use in multiple pipes or very high interference sites
  • Compatible with Smart Interrupter
  • Identify the sources of stray current


The SCM allows you to completely map the distribution of any CP source.  This means in areas where current discharge is taking place (usually coating defects) can be accurately pinointed from above ground.


The SCM is also capable of data-logging for up to 48 hours, meaning that information can be stored over a real-time period, then processed and analysed at a later date to identify both the location and source of the interference.



The Radiodetection SCM Stray Current Mapper can be used to


  • Pinpoint a source of dynamic or static stray current interference
  • Non-intrusively troubleshoot suspected areas of stray current interference
  • Data-log for 48 hrs
  • Map points of DC discharge and pick-up points



  • Fully weatherproof housing
  • Withstands 1M (3ft) drops onto concrete
  • 48 hours data logging
  • 48 hours battery life
  • Compatible with a standard laptop computer
  • Dedicated analysis software as standard
  • With the help of 4 Smart Interrupters, identifies source and magnetutde of up to 4 sources simultaneously


Kit Contains

  • SCM sensor bar
  • Battery and charger
  • Smart Card
  • Connection leads
  • Low & High Volts I/P leads
  • Carry box
  • Software


**Smart probe is approximately $4700 extra

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