RD7100 Locator Kit

RD7100 Locator Kit

The RD7100 is the most simple and affordable cable and pipe locator with groundbreaking features that deliver accurate, reliable locates
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Transmitter Style
Carry Case
Marker Ball Antenna

The RD7100 kit has a simple design that delivers a quick superior locate everytime.  Each unit contains the most advanced antenna's and software while still maintaining a very easy operation.  With the new 'Guidance Mode' the locate process is completely automated.  

Units can also be ordered with integrated GPS for usage logging and reports.  Each locate is stored within the receiver for over  a year.  Perfect for in-house quality control, safety audits and training.


Receivers are ergonomically balanced with the fastest processing power in the industry.  Units come standard with 2 "D" alkaline batteries.  Li-Ion are a great option.  There are 4 basic models available for any industry.

  • Directional Compass
  • Self calibration check
  • Auto Depth and Current Measurement
  • 6 frequencies & multiple passive frequencies
  • RD Manager Software for eCalibration and Upgrades
  • 3 Year Warranty when registered

There are 4 models specific to each industry

SL Accurate SIMPLE use, with 4 active frequencies and two passive
DL For the GAS & WATER industry.  5 active frequencies, 4 sonde frequencies and 3 passive, including CPS mode for cathodically protected pipelines
PL For the POWER industry.  5 active frequencies, 1 sonde frequency and 2 passive.  Includes an enhanced Power (60hZ) mode and is Fault Find ready
TL For the TELEPHONE industry. 7 active frequencies, 2 passive, and 3 sonde frequencies.  It is also Fault Find ready.





Locate Frequencies 4 5 5 7 5 5 7
Sonde Frequencies   4 1 3 4 1 3
Passive Modes Power, Radio Power, Radio, CPS Power, Radio Power, Radio Power, Radio, CPS Power, Radio Power, Radio
Compass Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Depth Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Depth in Power     Yes     Yes  
GPS Logging         Yes Yes Yes
GPS Mapping              
CALSafe         Yes Yes Yes
Power Filters     Yes     Yes  
Fault Find     Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Lithium-Ion compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Choose from two transmitter models providing 5 or 10 Watt output. Each transmitters has programmable frequencies up to 200kHz, 90 Volts of high voltage and current output for diffcult high-resistance locates, such as broken wire or cast iron pipe. 

All models feature a patented three-stage phase sensitive amplifier that delivers a ground-impedance compensated, constant current across its entire bandwidth in either direct connect, clamp or inductive mode. The transmitters use less power and are ergonomically designed to deliver superior performance in a new light-weight, well-balanced case.

A large, high contrast, backlit LCD screen provides the user with clear information. The interface is intuitive and responsive, allowing the operator to access any feature with ease.

The transmitters use 8 D-cell batteries and can be powered from an optional LiIon rechargeable pack. As an additional feature, each model has a multimeter function providing measurement of line voltage, current and impedance.

eCAL allows the operator to validate the original factory calibration. This means the operator has confidence that the locator continues to meet its factory calibration. eCAL can issue and print a validation certificate without needing to return the locator to a service center.  Each unit also has TruDepth, which gives the operator the confidence that the depth reading is accurate by only indicating a locate depth when the locator is correctly oriented directly above the pipe/cable.

Dynamic Overload Protection
Extends the RD7100 operation into areas where other products fail. In electrically noisy environments, particularly in areas where very large signals are present, it automatically filters out unwanted signals allowing the operator to work effectively in areas such as power substations and overhead railway HV cables.



  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Soft Carry Bag or Hard Case
  • 20ft Cables and extra 20ft extention cable
  • Ground Rod
  • Instructions
  • Additional options and upgrades can be selected above
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