Mag 3 Locator

Mag 3 Locator

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Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

The Mag 3 has multiple frequencies and can go up to 130 feet deep. Track in walkover mode or use the Bore-To function.


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Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

The Mag 3 is a receiver designed to satisfy industry needs. It offers an easy to use, yet powerful product for an affordable price. With multiple frequencies and the ability to go up to 130 feet deep, interference doesn’t stand a chance. Track on the Fly in walkover mode or use the Bore-To function. No complicated programming needed to switch from walkover to Bore-To and back, simply point the receiver toward the sky for one second to switch modes.

The power you need, the price you want.
  • Dual 3D Antenna System strong against interference
  • Multiple Frequency Sondes with 48hr continuous battery
  • 100ft - 130ft depth range
  • 4 Channel Telemetry with a 3,000ft range
  • Fly over & Bore To modes



Unlike traditional HDD locating systems, where the receiver only has one antenna, the Mag series receivers have two independent antennae for more accurate and precise locating. With state of the art digital signal processing and advanced communication designs, these receivers offer depths ranging up to 190 feet, providing you the best range and accuracy in the industry.


The Mag displays come with an easy-to-read under sunlight, 5 inch industrial LCD screen. With a telemetry range with small antenna of up to 1,800 feet and up to 3,000 feet with the included extended range antenna, these displays are efficient and powerful. 


The Echo transmitters offer multiple frequencies as well as two power levels that can be changed via the receiver or down hole. With a depth range of up to 190 feet, the Echo series transmitters are the most powerful, versatile, and easy to use transmitters on the market.




1-Mag 3 Receiver

1-Mag D3 Display

1-Carry Case

1-Mag Battery Charger

3-Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

1-Choice of Transmitter; Echo 1@19kHz, Echo 1@30kHz, Echo 1 with Multiple Frequencies

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