Loki Locator Kit

Loki Locator Kit


Loki is the perfect tool for “sweeping” a large area to quickly and easily locate buried assets before you dig

Receiver Style

Loki is loaded with features that support quick and easy detection and the safe uncovering of utility lines.  It has a simple design for contractors & utilities to quickly pinpoint lines that may be in their way.  

There are 2 basic models available; the 'Contractor' and 'Utility' model.


  • Utilities model:Built for the challenge of detecting and tracing buried water/drain pipes and telecom ducts, the low 512 Hz frequency can be used to trace metallic pipes, and harder to locate jointed-pipes with the higher 82 kHz frequency.
  • Contractor model: Optimized for excavation and construction contractors, the higher frequency 131 kHz within the Contractor model can be used to find well-insulated, high impedance utilities, such as a twisted pair of telecom cables or insulated pipe joints. A lower frequency of 512Hz can be used to support the long-range locating of lower impedance cables, such as power lines.


Simple mode selection matches Loki to the signal type being located.

  • Sonde Mode: Detects the signal radiated by a compatible sonde.
  • Transmitter Mode: Detects the transmitter signals imposed on buried utilities.
  • Power Mode: Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.
  • Dual Mode: Simultaneously searches for and identifies Transmitter and Power signals for quick sweeps.
  • ShallowAlert: warns the user to the possible presence of shallow cables and utility lines in all modes.
  • When a shallow pipe or cable is detected (in power or dual modes), an asterisk flashes on the receiver screen and sounds a distinctive warbling audio tone.
  • NoiseProtect: allows the operator to locate pipes and cables in electrically noisy environments, such as near power substations or near overhead high-voltage cables.
  • Automatic Depth Readings: depth readings in transmitter, sonde and power modes are automatically displayed on the receiver.


Receivers are balanced with power sesitivity for detecting pipe's & cables.  There are 2 basic models available; the 'Contractor' and 'Utility' model.

  • Contractor: 512 Hz, 8 kHz & 131 kHz Directional Compass
  • Utilities: 512 Hz, 8 kHz & 82 kHz; capable of detecting multiple sewer sonde frequencies

Receiver Features:

  • Active locate frequencies: 512Hz, 8kHz, 82kHz
  • Inductive frequencies: 8kHz, 82kHz
  • Sonde frequencies: 512Hz, 8kHz, 33kHz
  • Passive locate modes: Power
  • Dual Mode: Simultaneously searches for and identifies Transmitter and Power signals
  • Gain control: Manual gain
  • ShallowAlert: Audio and visual warning when a cable or pipe less than 12” deep is detected. Operates in Active and Passive locating modes.
  • NoiseProtect: Automatically manages the system gain to compensate for strong signals, e.g. from mains power or substations, to enable accurate locating.


The Loki transmitter is small and lightweight allwoing up to 1 Watt of power to locate the distance you need to get the job done. 

Transmitter Functions:

  • Frequencies: Match Rx Model
  • Audio feedback: Indicate good connection
  • Inductive mode: In 8k and 82k
  • Direct Connect output power: 2 user options up to 1W



  • Receiver w/batteries
  • Transmitter w/batteries
  • Connection leads
  • Ground Stake & Lead
  • Quick Start Manual
  • Carrying bag
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