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‘46 Hawk Gas Leak Detector

‘46 Hawk Gas Leak Detector

'46 Hawk is a maintenance free. light weight (3lbs) laser gas leak detector.  It features one-button ease of use and detects methane only, no false positives.

The 46' Hawk is a laser based leak detection technology built to ISO 9002 Standards. It is a lightweight (3 pounds), Single button operation unit that brings the newest technology to the surveyors hand.

Advantages to the unit it is intrinsically safe (Cert Pending), methane specific instrument eliminating false positives and phantom leaks in the field. The biggest plus for this instrument is that it has the sensitivity for an excellent walking survey tools for all of a company’s compliance surveys. It can also be used as a CGI (Combustible Gas Indicator) for pin-pointing underground leaks. With a range of 0 PPM to 100% Gas.


The '46 Hawk requires no fuel, thereby eliminating hazmat worries. It operates over 12 hours on rechargeable batteries. Emergency lithium AA backup batteries provide an additional 8 hours of operation. The simplified leak survey with easy to operate one-button operation. After you have selected your alarm point, begin your survey. When natural gas is detected, the instrument will automatically range from PPM (Parts Per Million) to %LEL (Percent Lower Explosive Level) to %Gas. For in-ground pinpointing, simply attach the probe provided and take the readings. There are no switches or calculations to be made – the '46 Hawk makes the adjustments for you!


  • Designed for above and below ground leak searches and investigations
  • Detects methane only
  • Detects 1 PPM within 3 seconds
  • Renders readings in actual PPM’s
  • Operates 12+ hours on rechargeable batteries
  • Runs up to 8 hours on 4 lithium AA disposable batteries 7
  • Records and stores monthly calibration data that can be downloaded onto any computer with Microsoft Excel
  • Laser reference and sample diodes are rated to last 5 years
  • Pump rated to last 3 years
  • Rechargeable batteries are rated to last 2 years
  • Carrying case with battery charger, 4 backup batteries, and filters included
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